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  • konsolowe
    • ghci[1]
      • :info lub :i
      • :type ( w skrócie :t)
      • :help lub :?
      • :show
        • :show bindings -Show the bindings made at the prompt and their types.
        • :show breaks - List the active breakpoints.
        • :show context - List the active evaluations that are stopped at breakpoints.
        • :show imports - Show the imports that are currently in force, as created by import and :module commands.
        • :show modules - Show the list of modules currently loaded.
        • :show packages - Show the currently active package flags, as well as the list of packages currently loaded.
        • :show languages - Show the currently active language flags.
        • :show [args|prog|prompt|editor|stop]- Displays the specified setting (see :set)
    • ghc
  • bash
    • grep : grep xyz *.lhs *.hs

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  1. haskell ghc 7.4.1 docs : ghci-commands
  2. stackoverflow question : find-function-source-in-haskell-workflow