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Hello, I've a bot. I ask you the permission to use it on this Wikibooks. It's running on [[:nl:user:CarsracBot|dutch Wikibooks]] and other [[:w:nl:user:CarsracBot|projects]]. The bot has already the global bot flag. It's a interwiki bot. Excuse my bad English. [[Wikipedysta:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 15:20, 7 paź 2009 (CEST)
*: Permision is not given, details on my local user page. [[Wikipedysta:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 20:13, 23 paź 2009 (CEST)
:: Could explain to me the local policies so that the my bot and other bots know what rules to follow for interwiki links. I will run my bot in test mode to prove that my bot can follow the rule that the iw link should all ways on the /Okładka page. The first time I was too quick and I did not read your comment correctly. [[Wikipedysta:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 09:38, 25 paź 2009 (CET)
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