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** plot a nie load<ref>[ stackoverflow question: gnuplot-bad-data-on-line-1]</ref>
* tekst w pliku z danymi<ref>[ ubuntu forums: <nowiki>]</nowiki> Gnuplot and openoffice]</ref>
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<source lang=bash>
grep -nR --include *.c "bad data"
src/stats.c:867: - using n:m = return two columns, skipping lines w/ bad data
src/stats.c:905: int_warn( NO_CARET, "bad data on line %d of file %s",
src/fit.c:1964: Eex2("bad data on line %d of datafile", df_line_number);
src/axis.c:302: * but even apart from that autoscaling bad data could cause a fault.
==invalid character==