Programowanie w systemie UNIX/pytanie: Różnice pomiędzy wersjami

→‎Jak zadać pytanie, żeby uzyskać odpowiedź?:
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m →‎Jak zadać pytanie, żeby uzyskać odpowiedź?:
Linia 10:
* stackoverflow<ref>[ stackoverflow help : how-to-ask]</ref>
* "To get the best possible answers, you should explain what your thoughts on the problem are so far. That way, people won't tell you things you already know, and they can write answers at an appropriate level; also, people are much more willing to help you if you show that you've tried the problem yourself. Also, many would consider your post rude because it is a command ("Find..."), not a request for help, so please consider rewriting it." – Zev Chonoles Jan 4 '13 at 5:45 <ref>[ math.stackexchange question Solve-the-functional-equation-f1xfy-yfxy?rq=1]</ref>
* [ how-much-research-effort-is-expected-of-stack-overflow-users]
==Przykłady ==
* "In general, it is hard to help solve a problem without a small, reproducible example" Stavros Macrakis