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Ok. Sorka za ingerencję bezpośrednio w główną. Ale kolorek trezba było podmienić. Jakbym podmienił w szablonie - to i w innych miejscach by się zmieniło. :/ Zerknij w razie czego. BTW. [[Książka kucharska/Faworki]] można skasować bo i tak to nie jest przepis na faworki. [[Wikipedysta:MonteChristof|MonteChristof]] <tt>[[Dyskusja Wikipedysty:MonteChristof|DMC]]</tt> 03:02, 1 cze 2008 (CEST)
== Usurpation request ==
Hello! I found that you are a ''Biurokrata'', use English well, and edit frequently, so i hope you can help with my request:
I am also [[en:User:Jerzy]] (and an admin there for four years), and (in order of decreasing quantity of edits) i am also
: [[en:wikt:User:Jerzy]] (72 edits)
: [[si:User:Jerzy]]
: [[m:User:Jerzy]]
: [[de:User:Jerzy]]
: [[wikiquote:User:Jerzy]]
: [[it:User:Jerzy]]
: [[sv:User:Jerzy]] and
: [[si:wikiquote:User:Jerzy]]
I believe i will be permitted to use "Jerzy" under [[:m:Help:Unified login]] (see also [[:m:Help:Unified login/pl]]), and hope to "usurp" at least each of 4 zero-edit accounts, for two purposes:
# To avoid the chance of confusion where future edits by, for example, the current owner of [[User:Jerzy]] would be misunderstood as edits by me
# To have the benefits of unification in the case of any future edits that i may have occasion to make on pl:Wikipedia, such as those i've previously made on it: and sv: without knowing ''those'' languages
Perhaps it is obvious by now what my request is:
: making available for inclusion in my unification request the [[User:Jerzy]] account, which was [http://pl.wikibooks.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Journal&user=Jerzy 23:23, ''Nowy użytkownik à 13:30 19 lut 2008''] but [[Special:Contributions/Jerzy|never used to edit]].
I understand the standard way of accomplishing this is for ''Biurokrata'' to rename the current [[User:Jerzy]] account to some name that you'll be able to remember, then change rename my [[User:enJerzy]] account as the new [[User:Jerzy]] account. I think some bureaucrats would place a message on [[User talk:Jerzy]] to give the current user of it a chance (say 7 days) to dispute the planned change.
Thank you for your attention. <br>--[[User:enJerzy|en:Jerzy]]•[[User talk:enJerzy|t]] 08:04, 5 cze 2008 (CEST)<br>