Dyskusja wikipedysty:Derbeth: Różnice pomiędzy wersjami

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* You don't have to do anything. There will come a notice that the wiki has accepted the bot policy and the all the interwiki bots request are handled by the stewards, the other (bot) requests will be handled by the local burocrate. [[Wikipedysta:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 23:37, 7 paź 2009 (CEST)
** As a bureaucrat of pl.wikibooks, I '''do not agree''' to allow global bots operate on Polish Wikibooks and agree to allow automatic approval of bots if they make enough edits according to [[m:Bot_policy#Automatic_approval]]. --[[Wikipedysta:Derbeth|Derbeth]] [[Dyskusja Wikipedysty:Derbeth|<sup>talk</sup>]] 14:18, 17 paź 2009 (CEST)
*** I understand your point, And I agree with your point that I don't understand the local iw policy. I hope that there will be or come a bot operator that understand polish and will add the correct iw links to the correct pages. [[Wikipedysta:Carsrac|Carsrac]] 19:48, 23 paź 2009 (CEST)
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